Adrienne Teicher is a fearless experimenter at the forefront of avant-garde electronica, audio-visual art and embodied performance. As a transfeminine artist, she brings a unique perspective to her work, pushing boundaries and challenging societal limitations. Her latest release, “Insecure,” is a boundary-pushing exploration of how risk and danger manifest as information systems that destabilize human consciousness in the face of climate change, pandemics, and crypto technologies.

Much of Adrienne’s creative practice stems from her work with Kathryn Fischer in the duo HYENAZ. HYENAZ’s boundary-pushing electronic music and multisensory performances offer a unique perspective on the power dynamics of control and resistance. HYENAZ have performed at iconic venues and festivals, including Berghain, Royal Festival Hall, and SXSW, and opened for PEACHES in Berlin and Hamburg on their 2022 tour.

Previously, Adrienne was the sole member of TUSK: a fusion of synthpop, darkwave, and new wave, with a strong 80s influence. TUSK’s debut album, “Sacrifice,” was released in 2012 and was characterized by lush synthesizers, pulsating basslines and explored themes of love, loss, and identity. Despite the project’s relatively short lifespan, TUSK developed a devoted following among fans of the synthwave genre.

Adrienne Teicher is also a renowned theatre and film sound designer. As part of HYENAZ, she has composed music for several theatrical productions by Sivan Ben Yishai, including “Du Verdienst Dein Krieg: 8 Soldiers Moonsick” at Maxim Gorki Theatre and “Unsere Stadt aus Vogelaugen / Eine Blutung im Dunkeln” at Münchner Kammerspiele.

Through her music, Teicher confronts us with the unsettling reality of our present and invites us to reflect on the implications of our actions for the future of our planet and its inhabitants. Her music serves as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to create a more just world for both human and non-human actors.