Peaches x Clusterfuck

Photo above: Aris Akritidis for INFRINGE | Photo in header: Lydia Daniller


KW Berlin18.09.2021
Transart, Bozen09.09.2021
Theaterformen, Hannover28.06.2021
Volksbühne, Berlin28-31.12.2019
Musikhuset Aarhus31.08.2019
Royal Festival Hall, London29.08.2019
Kampnagel, Hamburg15-17.08.2019
Deutsche Oper28.06.2019

The CLUTERFUCK ensemble was born when PEACHES asked HYENAZ to choreograph a group of contemporary dancers for the Deutsche Oper Aus Dem Hinterhalt performance of Don Quichotte. In 2019. The group returned in PEACHES epic stage revue “There’s Only One Peach with the Hole in the Middle” with performances at Kampnagel, Hamburg, Royal Festival Hall, London, Musikhuset Aarhus and Volksbühne, Berlin. In 2021 Clusterfuck returned in a new PEACHES show called Cranky Pants, where they confronted and negotiated the ego that is generated between performers on the stage. Cranky Pants premiered at Theater Formen, Hannover, with additional performances at the KW Gallery 30-Year Anniversary Festival and Transart in Bozen.

The ensemble comprised artists Adrienne Teicher, Mad Kate, Federica Dauri, Jao Moon, TRAUKO, Ginger Synne, Lori Baldwin, Bishop Black and Martini Cherry Furter.