Selected Presentations

1st June 2024Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival, Berghain Halle
2nd July 2021Pornceptual Cinema, Alte Münze, Berlin
17th September 2021Sexclusivitäten, Berlin
25th September 2021Queer Art Fest, Rågsveds Folkets hus, Stockholm
29 September 2020Fusion Film Festival, Oslo
29 November 2019Dirty Diaries 10 year Anniversary, Stockholm
24-28 October 2019Porn Film Festival Berlin (honorable mention in the Porn Short Competition)


Instinct is a queer metaphysical love story that weaves itself through real and imagined sexual encounters across darkrooms, forest cruising zones, and highway shoulders. Immersive and deeply layered, the film presents fantastical playgrounds where bodies imagine themselves in a multiplicity of forms and long for encounters without preconceived notions of what other bodies desire, what they will need, or how they should be touched. Instead, Instinct asks: what does it mean to actively (un)learn what we might assume about another body’s sex, gender, and desire?

A film made by: Ester Martin Bergsmark, Mad Kate, Adrienne Teicher and Marit Östberg
Starring: Adrienne Teicher, Buffalo Grove, Christopher, Ester Martin Bergsmark, Finn, Jared Gradinger, Liz Rosenfeld, Mad Kate, Mere, MYSTI, Nika, Ocsaj, Paulita Pappel, River Rose, Sadie Lune, Tom Ass, Walter Crasshole
Edited by: Jasco Viefhues
Line Producer: Paula Alamillo