Kuzniak Teicher : Drip Drip Drip

3.11.2023Kasper Theater, Berlin

Drip Drip Drip is the debut collaboration between multi-instrumentalist and producer Bartłomiej Kuźniak and transfeminine artist Adrienne Teicher. The work resides in a landscape of psychedelic post-techno, interwoven with whispered, sung and shouted meditations on what it means to have a body, and the strange ghosts that linger behind experiences of love and desire.

“Both & Neither” is a fever dream, in which the swarm of forces that animate the “I” of self-identify manifest as deities in the rattle of Adrienne’s voice. The composition’s strong rhythmic foundations intersect with an undercurrent of extended harmonies brought to life by Kuzniak’s saxophone and an array of atonal synthesizers.

“Ocean” submerges the listener in a world of fluid, undulating textures and subtle, pulsating rhythms. Ostensibly a love song, the text refuses reassuring cliches, seeing love – like the ocean – as a space which resists human territorialisations.

The sombre, haunting melodies of “My Body Is Not My Own” unearth the paradoxes at the root of bodily autonomy and the tension between self and society that rupture the ostensible freedom to “be who you want to be” in fading liberal capitalist democracies of the West.

Finally, the cascading, hyper-caffeinated polyrhythms of ‘Hope’ transmit a sense of everyday life accelerated beyond human limits, of bodies burning too brightly and then burning out. Yet beneath this choppy surface, there is a glimmer of joy and serenity. Is it our salvation? Or simply the illusion which keeps us in the game?

The mesmerising video for the track was created by the visual artist Mariusz Knysak. For this project he designed and built a fully analogue reactor that uses light and sound exchanging their energy through water. The entire installation was created solely by recycling used electronic devices, which is the Knysak’s hallmark.

About the Artists

Kuźniak is a prolific composer, multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer. He founded studio333.net, has released over 50 albums and produced 100 more for other artists ranging from minimalistic contemporary chamber music to avant-garde electronic soundscapes.

Teicher’s work is situated between electronic music, audiovisual art, movement performance and poetry. She is one half of the boundary-pushing duo HYENAZ.

Mariusz Knysak is an audiovisual artist and performer who explores the edge where light and sound interpenetrate, creating new tools from broken devices and components.


Adrienne Teicher: Vocals, Lyrics, Xronomorph Sequencing, Sound Design
Bartłomiej Kuźniak: Double Bass, Soprano Saxophone, Electric Bass, Contraphone, Xronomorph Sequencing, Field Recordings, Sound Design

Music Production: Bartłomiej Kuźniak & Adrienne Teicher
High Definition Mixing & Mastering: Bartłomiej Kuźniak, studio333.net