Adrienne Teicher : Insecure

02.09.2021Loophole, Berlin


Adrienne Teicher’s “Insecure” explores the way risk and danger – climate change, pandemic, crypto – manifest as essentially ungraspable information systems that destabilise human consciousness.

Teicher relied on what was close to hand to create the four a/v works, either her own body or stock footage. Both the title track and Depravity feature hallucinogenic avatars exploring the anxiety and unfulfilled desires imposed by isolation.

For Nature, Teicher drew on the millions of hours of drone footage online that depict the evolution and decay of human settlement. “I wanted to touch the horror that is produced from watching human life approach a civilisational singularity, where we either enslave or destroy all other forms of life, and ultimately ourselves.”

Teicher blew up, slowed down and oversaturated the faces of Youtube cryptocurrency speculators for Unproductive Complexity, revealing unsettling cracks in their overconfident facades, signs of desperate humanity in a world ruled by both cynical games and algorithms.


Composition, Programming, Sound Design, Lyrics: Adrienne Teicher
Mix & Master: Steve Voidloss, Black Monolith Studio