HYENAZ – Columns


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Lines That Maintain a violent order / Lines that distinguish a violent event / Those lines do not hold / The forest floor / Leaves like our bodies / Scattered in time

Our nostrils full of earth / Leaves decay / White lines / Feet march / Lines our bodies form / Are scattered by time / Day is gone / Its heat Is gone / Its sounds gone / As all things return / To stillness

Columns is a response to militarized violence and to History, specifically the historicising mode which focuses on events and important persona, while blurring events and persona deemed unimportant or inconsequential. Though the track sounds like industrial techno, it is built entirely from vocalizations and organic percussion recorded deep within a cave outside the pilgrimage town of Częstochowa, Poland, with Bartłomiej Kuźniak.

The video was created in collaboration with Xenia Østergård Ramm and Old Erik from the Hackstage artist collective. HYENAZ shot original footage of stalactites, trees and wind turbines collected in the caves of the Harz Mountains. which was then transmogrified using analogue video processing to deconstruct footage by Ramm and Old Erik.

The single, “Columns” is out on Canadian techno label OBSKUR MUSIC, with remixes by Lady Maru, Bad Conscience, Consumer Refund and NVRS.

Columns is the second work in the ongoing HYENAZ series of audio visual works and performance interventions entitled Foreign Bodies.