Sivan Ben Yishai: Unsere Stadt aus Vogelaugen / Eine Blutung im Dunkeln

03.10.2021Weltecho, Chemnitz
14-15.06.2021TD Berlin
25.10.2020Münchner Kammerspiele

On October 3, 1938, just before Pogrom Night, the city of Dortmund ordered the city’s Great Synagogue to be torn down. On October 3rd, 2020, just a few meters from the square of the Old Synagogue, the city theater opened its season with this text. In Munich, Chemnitz and Berlin the writer Sivan Ben Yishai performed her text in a special collaboration with the electro duo HYENAZ: “Our city from bird’s eyes / bleeding in the dark” is now in Chemnitz. The performative, musical reading is a meditation on the 35 days of repentance, which lie between October 3 and November 9, and draws an arc from the past to the future.