Adrienne Teicher – Insecure

As smoke from Siberian wildfires filtered into the north pole for the very first time in recorded history, Adrienne Teicher – producer, composer and somatic performance artist – wondered what art could achieve on a planet that is readying itself to cast off humanity like a coat of fleas.

Adrienne’s first solo release INSECURE explores the encounter with these roaming dangers of covid and climate change from the perspective of isolation. In lockdown, she created four A/V works documenting the anxiety she experienced in her body, while also attempting a personal and systemic critique, in the hope of performing an alchemical transformation from a body in isolation into a subject in solidarity with others.

The title track INSECURE, a video in which a monstrous humanoid face laments and writhes to a relentless techno beat. Along with DEPRAVITY, this work was the result of Adrienne picking up a camera and filming herself before spending manipulating the video material until the solitary figure became a hallucinogenic avatar.

As well as the body, Adrienne reached for other material that was close to hand and worked with stock footage for NATURE and UNPRODUCTIVE COMPLEXITY.

“For NATURE it was all drone footage, which I sliced and collaged. I wanted to touch the horror that is produced from watching human life approach a civilisational singularity, where we either enslave or destroy all other forms of life, and ultimately ourselves.”

The source of many of her aesthetic and conceptual frames is HYENAZ – a long term collaboration with fellow producer Kathryn Fischer. As well as their own performative rituals, the pair have developed and performed choreographies for electroclash performance artist PEACHES, and created sound designs for writer/directors Sivan Ben Yishai and Sasha Marianna Salzmann, at Kampnagel, Münchner Kammerspiele, Maxim Gorki Theatre and Royal Festival Hall.