• Peaches-x-Clusterfuck Process Research

    Peaches-x-Clusterfuck Process Research

    For the last three weeks I have been deeply embedded with Peaches and the performance ensemble Clusterfuck at Callie’s. Every day we arrive, and we explore what is it to actually be and create with others. It has been beautiful, and challenging, I have learned a lot about how to work collectively, and I have […]

  • HYENAZ choreograph Clusterfuck for PEACHES retrospective

    HYENAZ choreograph Clusterfuck for PEACHES retrospective

    For the PEACHES epic stage revue “There’s Only One Peach with the Hole in the Middle” HYENAZ directed and choreographed the nine person dance group CLUSTERFUCK. The ensemble comprised artists Adrienne Teicher, Mad Kate, Federica Dauri, Jao Moon, TRAUKO, Ginger Synne, Lori Baldwin, Bishop Black and Martini Cherry Furter. Performances at Kampnagel, Hamburg, Royal Festival…