Paula Temple: Gegen (I Want to Move HYENAZ Edit)


Paula Temple‘s 2014 track “Gegen” has been remixed by avant-garde duo HYENAZ in aid of the Berlin Refugee Movement.

The Berlin Refugee Movement is an organisation set up by a diverse group of refugees “who chose not to accept their disfranchisement by the German state any more and are carrying out a self-organized protest.” It was set up following the suicide of an Iranian refugee several years ago, and aims to solve the problems that the Government will not.

In aid of the movement, Berlin-based band HYENAZ have remixed Paula Temple’s “Gegen” (the German word for “against”). On top of the original cut, they have added angry, punk vocals, trying to get across the message that freedom of movement isn’t granted for everyone.

On the matter, Temple explained that “this edit is on sale. As a small gesture, every sale Hyenaz and I will personally double and the whole amount will go to the Berlin Refugee Movement,” as “they are in constant need of resources and money to pay lawyers fees, run education tours, or provide food and activities for mental health relief.”

From XLR8R