Oder: Du Verdienst Deinen Krieg

8-11.11.2019Maxim Gorki Theater Studio Я

HYENAZ composed score and created a sound design for “Oder: Du verdienst deinen Kreig (8 Soldiers Moonsick)”, written by Sivan Ben Yishai and directed by Sasha Salzmann.

Eight young female bodies are lying in a tent, breathing in unison and protecting the rifles under their mattresses, waiting for the next mission. Their nightmares during the night and the daydreams of army’s everyday life are experienced together.

Again and again the soldiers circle the multiple possibility of their own death. What dies in a person when they operate the trigger of a loaded gun? When does the dispossession of your own body begin?

In the fourth part of her tetralogy, Let The Blood Come Out To Show Them, Yishai holds a ceremony of memory. Which visible and invisible traces does serving the so-called fatherland leave in a person?


Text: Sivan Ben Yishai
Direction: Sasha Marianna Salzmann
Stage + Costumes: Cleo Niemeyer
Sound design: HYENAZ
Dramaturgy: Rebecca Ajnwojner
Dramaturgy Advisor: Anna Heesen
Lighting design: Fritz Stötzner
Sound: Miloš Janjić
Translation: Maren Kames