HYENAZ – Knowbody premieres at Maxim Gorki Theatre

The latest theatre work by HYENAZ, titled KNOWBODY premieres at Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin on 15 June 2019. Against societal trends to dismiss the body in favour of automation, AI, and digital existence, KNOWBODY investigates the presence and absence of the body and the knowledge contained therein. The investigation is done through the performance of the body and the presence of the body in performance. “A performance” asks that bodies are present; as performer, as audience, as active interlocutor. The assembling of bodies together for the purpose of performance – and the proximity of those bodies to experience or create together – allows us to rediscover the immanent territory of the flesh.

More at https://gorki.de/en/pugs-in-love-queer-week-2019-en.