Adrienne Teicher is a transfeminine sound and performance artist working in Berlin. Her latest work Insecure explores the human encounter with megahazards like climate change and pandemics. Such phenomena she considers to be beyond the natural, rather they are matrices of power manifesting in landscapes of the mind.

The source of many of Teicher’s aesthetic and conceptual frames is Hyenaz – a long term collaboration with fellow producer Kathryn Fischer. Recent works in their performative series Foreign Bodies include Ex Situ, a sonic sculpture made in collaboration with the Gambian singer Yusuph Suso which premiered at Maxim Gorki Theatre, and Perimeter, an a/v artwork featured at Come Alive in Utrecht that drew together the psychobiographies of HYENAZ and the famed Berlin performance artists Mmakgosi Kgabi, Martini Cherry Furter and Simon(√®) Jaikiriuma Paeta.

During lockdown the pair created Signals, commissioned by Sound Scene Festival at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum. Signals explores the notion of performativity in the form of codes, signs, drag, and masks in order to emerge from the darkness as visible.

As well as their own performative rituals, the pair have led the Clusterfuck ensemble for electroclash performance artist Peaches, and created sound designs for writer/directors Sivan Ben Yishai and Sasha Marianna Salzmann, at Kampnagel, M√ľnchner Kammerspiele, Maxim Gorki Theatre and Royal Festival Hall.