HYENAZ x Yusuph Suso: Ex Situ

18.08.2023Mad Time Warp by party office
Rehearsing Moves on Hazy Paths
22.07.2023Mad Time Warp by party office
Nida Art Colony
18.06.2022-25.09.2022Mad Time Warp by party office
documenta fifteen
1-11.09.2022Sculpture Exhibit at Queer Week
Maxim Gorki Theater

Ex Situ is a project of HYENAZ and Yusuph Suso, with the work of Lau Bau and Rodrigo Frenk. It is an an audiovisual work and an interactive sculpture. The work maps the fragile technological threads through which human beings conduct simultaneous lives in past, current and future homelands.


Text & Vocals: Yusuph Suso
Composition & Concept: Hyenaz
Sculpture Design: Lau Bau
Videography: Yusuph Suso
Video Edit: Hyenaz
Creative Code: Rodrigo Frenk
Remix: Sky Deep