• Peaches-x-Clusterfuck Process Research

    Peaches-x-Clusterfuck Process Research

    For the last three weeks I have been deeply embedded with Peaches and the performance ensemble Clusterfuck at Callie’s. Every day we arrive, and we explore what is it to actually be and create with others. It has been beautiful, and challenging, I have learned a lot about how to work collectively, and I have […]

  • The Circlusion of Fancy

    The Circlusion of Fancy

    The word “circlusion” is penetration’s other. It describes a sexual act in which one thing, normally an orifice, encloses another thing inside itself, for instance when an anus circludes a cock or a vagina circludes a dildo. Whereas this “being penetrated” is normally considered passive in heteronormative and even homonormative discourses, the circluding orifice can be both active and passive; even transcend this binary altogether….

  • Regarding everyone and everything in the light of the irreplaceable

    Regarding everyone and everything in the light of the irreplaceable

    As sound artists we make and take recordings. Can we talk about extracting minerals from a landscape and extracting sounds in the same breath? Are they manifestations of the same phenomenon? In what ways are they the same and in what ways are they different? Extracting minerals is removing something from a landscape leaving behind a scar. We found ourselves in such a scar when we were taken by a collection of men from a town in Southern Italy….