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    Equipment Daily Rent Sound Devices MixPre-6 II Portable, Six-Track Audio Recorder with Timecode 45€ Sound Devices 702T Portable, Two-Track Audio Recorder with Timecode 30€ Sony PCM-D50 Portable Digital Audio Recorder 20€ Sony UWP Dual Wireless Lavalier Microphone system (470.025-542.000MHz):1 x URX-P03D two channel receiver; 2 x UTX-B40 body pack transmitters;2 x Sony ECM-V1BMP Lavalier Microphones […]

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    In addition to my musical and performative works, I have an extensive background in location sound, musical score composition, sound design and post production, often alongside my long-time collaborator Kathryn Fischer. As both writers and performers, and with experience behind and in front of the camera, we are particularly suited to projects and subjects where…