Adrienne Teicher – Insecure

As smoke from Siberian wildfires filtered into the north pole for the very first time in recorded history, Adrienne Teicher – producer, composer and somatic performance artist – wondered what art could achieve on a planet that is readying itself to cast off humanity like a coat of fleas.

Adrienne’s first solo release INSECURE explores the encounter with these roaming dangers of covid and climate change from the perspective of isolation. In lockdown, she created four A/V works documenting the anxiety she experienced in her body, while also attempting a personal and systemic critique, in the hope of performing an alchemical transformation from a body in isolation into a subject in solidarity with others.

The title track INSECURE, a video in which a monstrous humanoid face laments and writhes to a relentless techno beat. Along with DEPRAVITY, this work was the result of Adrienne picking up a camera and filming herself before spending manipulating the video material until the solitary figure became a hallucinogenic avatar.

As well as the body, Adrienne reached for other material that was close to hand and worked with stock footage for NATURE and UNPRODUCTIVE COMPLEXITY.

“For NATURE it was all drone footage, which I sliced and collaged. I wanted to touch the horror that is produced from watching human life approach a civilisational singularity, where we either enslave or destroy all other forms of life, and ultimately ourselves.”

The source of many of her aesthetic and conceptual frames is HYENAZ – a long term collaboration with fellow producer Kathryn Fischer. As well as their own performative rituals, the pair have developed and performed choreographies for electroclash performance artist PEACHES, and created sound designs for writer/directors Sivan Ben Yishai and Sasha Marianna Salzmann, at Kampnagel, Münchner Kammerspiele, Maxim Gorki Theatre and Royal Festival Hall.


HYENAZ – Perimeter

Perimeter is the latest a/v work by HYENAZ, in collaboration with performers Mmakgosi Kgabi, Martini Cherry Furter, and Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, artistic director Yeorg Kronnagel and cinematography by Robert Mleczko. Perimeter is the third audio-visual work and performative intervention in the HYENAZ Foreign Bodies series, and is supported with generous funding by Musicboard Berlin. The EP and Video will be released on June 3rd, 2021 on Freudian/Slit Records Berlin, and includes remixes by IXA and Maya Postepski aka Princess Century.

Radio Sendung: HYENAZ picks Perimeter Themed Radio on Underground Institute

Radio Sendung: HYENAZ present Foreign Bodies on Obskur Radio


EKU EKU EKU (a call to death)

Goethe-Institut Virtual Partnership Residency

HYENAZ and crazinisT artisT paired up during the month of April 2021 to explore the theme of death through a simultaneous deep listening journey in their respective homes (Kumasi, Ghana and Berlin, Germany). After the deep listening, field recording and filming (with the help of Sally Dige in Berlin and Ohsoh Edward in Kumasi) they created a new audio visual work. Funded by Goethe-Institut and supported by EXP__, this is an opportunity for artists to collaborate together across distance, perspectives, and contexts.


HYENAZ – Born From Death (Bad Conscience Remix)

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HYENAZ are known for pushing their forward thinking electronic music and confrontational performances into fully realized artistic expressions. On “Born from the Death” the two use snippets of conversation and the experience of working on music at a queer collective on the outskirts of Berlin to build the basis for the heavily rhythmic, House inflected track which Teicher’s Bad Conscience gleefully breaks down.

From Tometotheweathermachine


Unsere Stadt aus Vogelaugen / Eine Blutung im Dunkeln

14.06.2020: 22:00 / TD Berlin
15.06.2020: 22:00 / TD Berlin
25.10.2020: 17:00 / Münchner Kammerspiele

Am 3. Oktober 1938, nur kurz vor der Progromnacht, verfügte die Stadt Dortmund den Abriss der Großen Synagoge. Diese Anordnung wurde im Dezember 1938 umgesetzt. In einer besonderen Zusammenarbeit mit HYENAZ, stellt die Schriftstellerin Sivan Ben Yishai ihren Text: “Unsere Stadt aus Vogelaugen/ Eine Blutung im Dunkeln” vor. Die performative, musikalische Lesung ist auch eine Meditation über die 35 Tage der Reue, die zwischen dem 3. Oktober und dem 9. November liegen.


HYENAZ x Jova Lynne: Beyond Possible

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Beyond Possible is the outcome of a collaboration between installation and performance artist Jova Lynne and HYENAZ. Field recordings and visuals were gathered in Berlin, Germany and Detroit, Michigan in August 2020 with the intention of finding and creating sanctuary. These materials were carefully assembled into an audio-visual artwork by HYENAZ.

Goethe-Institut Virtual Partnership Residency
EXP Award: Goethe-Institut Chicago


Annies: ein gesangliches Konzert

Die Droste Lectures entstehen 2020 im Dialog zwischen zwei Autorinnen: Sivan Ben Yishai und Maren Kames. Zwei der kraftvollsten Schriftstellerinnen der jüngeren Generation sprechen mit uns und Droste über Krieg und Frieden durch die Jahrhunderte und in der Sprache. Produziert von und mit den Sounddesignerinnen und Filmemacherinnen HYENAZ.


HYENAZ – Columns

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Lines That Maintain a violent order / Lines that distinguish a violent event / Those lines do not hold / The forest floor / Leaves like our bodies / Scattered in time

Our nostrils full of earth / Leaves decay / White lines / Feet march / Lines our bodies form / Are scattered by time / Day is gone / Its heat Is gone / Its sounds gone / As all things return / To stillness


Oder: Du verdienst deinen Krieg (8 Soldiers Moonsick)

Premiere: 8. November 2019 Gorki Studio Я

By Sivan Ben Yishai
Director Sasha Marianna Salzmann
Sound Design: HYENAZ

Berliner Morgenpost: Das sind die besten Inszenierungen des Jahres
Invited to Radikal Jung – Festival für junge Regie 2020.

Eight young female bodies are lying in a tent, breathing in unison and protecting the rifles under their mattresses, waiting for the next mission. Their nightmares during the night and the daydreams of army’s everyday life are experienced together. Again and again the soldiers circle the multiple possibility of their own death. What dies in a person when they operate the trigger of a loaded gun? When does the dispossession of your own body begin? In the fourth part of her tetralogy, Let The Blood Come Out To Show Them, writer Sivan Ben Yishai holds a ceremony of memory. Which visible and invisible traces does serving the so-called fatherland leave in a person?

Acht Frauen proben in einem Militärcamp den Ernstfall, bereiten sich vor auf den Einsatz, den Krieg. Sie reden und sie träumen davon, nachts auf ihren rostigen Bettgestellen mit den dünnen Matratzen. Die israelische Autorin Sivan Ben Yishai verdichtet die Wachträume und Erinnerungen dieser Frauen zu einem vielstimmigen, drängenden Text, auf dessen sprachliche Wucht Regisseurin Sasha Marianna Salzmann uneingeschränkt vertraut. Aus einer losen Verknüpfung von Stimmen, Körpern und Sound entstehen dabei auf der Bühne Assoziationsfelder, die sich im Kopf der Zuschauer zu Schlachtfeldern formen.

Team: Bühne + Kostüme: Cleo Niemeyer, Dramaturgie: Rebecca Ajnwojner, Dramaturgische Mitarbeit: Anna Heesen, Licht: Fritz Stötzner, Ton: Miloš Janjić,Übersetzung: Maren Kames